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If you are printer renting company, this is a solution totally tailored to your business…PAPERPAN provides key business information automatically and precisely so you can increase your profitability significantly and make more accurate future decisions. With PAPERPAN, you can easily gather information about how many equipment you have in which customer location, how many pages are printed per device for a defined period. PAPERPAN can also prepare customer invoices automatically based on actual data and provide operational costs including toner, technical services etc.

The better news is that no need pay application fee in bulk; you will pay as you use...

PAPERPAN was founded in 2014 and the software is developed by software engineers knowing your business processes, needs and future trends in detail. With our continuous improvement approach, PAPERPAN is being constantly improved so we aim to further support growth of your business results. We would be happy to hear from you and present PAPERPAN.

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The Easiest Way to Track Your Devices.

 Regardless of whether you invoice per page or not, printing product labels with QR code to all devices are provided

  Giving devices a four-digit inventory number matching with serial no

 Track each device with customer and location breakdown detail; overall view of devices per customer and location

 Monitor status of counters, toner and spare parts of devices

 2nd hand device stock management

 Track scrapped devices

 Viewing all of the stages from where your device first came to when you left

Counter collection isn’t a work anymore since your counters are automatically gathered on daily basis via alternative methods:

 Counter Collection with the program used by the customer side

 Counter Collection with Email

 Counter Collection with Mobile Phone

 Manually counter data input

Flexible contract tracking. You can create contracts in full compliance with customer and market conditions and on your own terms.

 Compatibility with all contract types related to per page printing

 Tracking of upcoming revewal contracts

 Automatic contract creation

 Archiving contract files and signed contracts

1000 invoice will only take your three minutes with desired format for each customer. Fast and error-free invoicing with one button…

 Saving time with quick prepared and error-free per page service invoices

 Automated preparation of details to be given to the customer

 Alert for devices with zero printing

 Preventing invoices from being forgotten

 Ability to work with all foreign currencies

 Works with all foreign currencies


 Fast and error-free toner ordering

 Preventing wrong toner orders

 Comparison of number of the printer pages and the sent toners to prevent excessive toner output

 Be aware of abnormal toner changes

 Tracking customer stock

 Tracking the toners on the technicians vehicle stocks

 Performing bar code and serial toner follow-up, if necessary

 Collection of customer based toner usage and its respcetive cost


 Get service requests quickly

 Identification of paid and free services

 Service guarantee and periodic maintenance follow-ups

 Preventing invoices to be skipped

 Manually and/or automatically fowarding tasks to technicians

 Immediate monitoring of technician locations

 Online monitoring of technicians on the map


 Technicians instantly get the jobs that are assigned to them on mobile devices

 Instant closure of works on the system and immediate online processing of closed jobs

 Recording changed spare parts online including toner delivery and received blank ones on the system

 Tracking of non-assigned new service requests and assign them to right technician in the field

 Automatically determination of expected entry, finish and departure times of technicians to a customer location

 One-touch call of customer on the phone

 Traveling customer's address with navigation function on the program

 Fast counter entry in the places where counters can not be automatically collected online

 Prevention of serial number mistakes or providing service to a wrong device by scanning QR code on device by phone


 Toner stock follow-up

 Follow-up of spare parts stock

Full feature reports. Flexible and strong reports in its phase.

 You can get flexible and powerful reports at every stage.

 Customer base invoices and number of copies

 Customer base monthly comparison of invoices and number of copies

 Graphical representation of 2-year potential revenue

 Toner cost reports

Self Service Customer Service. Customers can view and manage their devices…

 Customers can see their own devices through system

 Graphically view actual printed papers dayly, monthly or yearly

 Displaying the most used devices


 Candidate customer follow up

 Planned actions for candidate customer

 Customer appointments

 Sales negotiations

 Proposal preparation

 Technical service surveys


 Logo Stock integration

 Micro Stock integration

 Netsis Stock Integration